Welcome to the Make A Difference Team

The Make A Difference Team work with our clients to ensure your events achieve their full potential through successful outcomes that make a real difference.

We listen to clients and provide the services needed to achieve your goals. We invest time and attention to understand what you really want to achieve in an ideal world, and how this can be delivered within the real environment.

Our independent, external perspective and powerful facilitation service provide an environment conducive to full participation by all attendees, unlocking the expertise and experience within your organisation to achieve your chosen objectives more efficiently and effectively. By engaging each participant in the process we achieve better results and greater buy-in to the outcomes.

Our facilitation service focuses on the event process, freeing you to focus on the event content. Our facilitation service delivers all your objectives; in addition to the specific requirement such as performing a lessons learnt, reducing costs or deciding a strategy, we can additionally deliver your wish list of team building, participation, buy-in, motivation and real innovation

Our facilitation service can be successfully applied to a range of events, including an away day, a project meeting, a workshop, an e-meeting, a risk assessment, a strategy meeting, a conference, a public consultation exercise or any other event where you have specific objectives

In the current economic environment budgets are under strain but we still need to maintain the same levels of service - so how do we deliver more for less? We have run many successful cost reduction events. It is amazing what the right people in the right environment can achieve, often it is a case of just unlocking that potential.

Should you have used a facilitator before you will already have experienced the greater outcomes achieved through facilitation and we would be pleased to discuss how our bespoke service can deliver your desired objectives.

If you have not yet used facilitation, we would like to spend some time with you to explain how our service will work for any business or organisation. Most, if not all, major corporations extensively use facilitation. We help you, and your co-sponsors, define your desired outcomes to identify what success looks like, how you will know when you've achieved it, and what it will feel like. We then design a bespoke process for delivering realistic realisable objectives. Finally, we manage the full process for you, from tailoring the design of the event to managing the delivery of the event on the day.

If you would like to discuss how we could help you contact the Make A Difference Team now